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  • lease_tax How to reduce your tax using car leasing?

    Car leasing has many advantages over purchasing a vehicle: it is often cheaper and easier to lease, than to get a huge bank credit, you do not have to worry about the car’s value, because you will not have to sell it, after you finish using it and you can use this payment method to reduce you tax. But how

    Posted on 23rd August, 2013
  • Electric Car Leasing- The Three Most Popular EVs Electric Car Leasing – The Three Most Popular EVs

    While it comes to electric cars, because of the obvious advantages, more people are investing in these types of vehicles. The price of an electric car is also an advantage considering in the UK the average price of a new car is around £28,000. You might be surprised to learn this number, as for most people spending this amount of

    Posted on 14th August, 2013
  • car-leasing-for-business Car leasing for business

    Car leasing is extremely popular when it comes to financing cars for business purposes. This is no surprise when you consider some of the advantages, such as; the vehicle being covered by warranty throughout the time you use it, and having to pay little or no deposit. These benefits are kind of obvious, but what about the other details that

    Posted on 08th August, 2013
  • general-benefits-of-leasing General benefits of leasing

    Leasing a car is not always the best option, however it has some serious benefits. As a way of financing a car, it perfectly fits the needs of many customers, not only because it is often cheaper to lease than to buy, but also because of many other features. Lets quickly discuss the most important pros of leasing a car.

    Posted on 03rd August, 2013
  • what-is-car-leasing What is car leasing?

    There are two main options for those who need a car – to purchase it or to lease it. While meaning of the first one is rather obvious, the latter requires some explanation. By definition, leasing is a form of acquiring right to use a motor vehicle for a given period of time. After this fixed period (usually about 5years),

    Posted on 27th July, 2013